designer dry fruit bowl Rs-870
decoration Bowl Rs-800 d-6.5in
decorative big bowl Rs-1060 for 8inch rs-720 for5.5 inch
designer dry fruit bowl elephant with gold polish rs-780 d-6in
Product code HDM109_Brass with silver polish_Rs 900
Product code HDM107_Brass with dual polish_Rs 800
Earthen hand cut and hand ated globe lamp dia 6in Rs-500
Product code HDM_110_Brass with silver polish_Rs 900_1200
Earthen hand cut and hand decorated globe lamp dia 6in rs-500
gold polised serving set for dry fruit rs-1300 dish L-8*B-4in.bown spoon L-4.5in
Product code HDM101_4 inch Brass bullock_Rs 400
Product code HDM105a_HDM105b_Brass buddha_Rs 1200_tibet bell_Rs 400
Gold polished serving set 3 bowl rs-1550 dish L-13 B4.5BOWL D-4SPOON L-4.5
Gold polished serving set rs-1400,dish 9-6,bowl d-4 spoon L-4
Large designer bowl with silver polish Rs-1460,d-7,h-3
Product code HDM112_Brass with silver polish_Rs 1300
designer platter RS- 1000 ,L-13.5*B-10in
platter  rs-1060 L-12.5*B-10in
Product code HDM118_Ganesha with gold polish_Rs 200
HDM120a_HDM120b_Tortoise_Rs 300 each
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